Meet Our Team

Oklahoma Closets is proud to be family owned and operated. Dudley and Roger Tucker, a father and son team, are taking on the challenge of organizing Oklahoma.

"I believe we can really help people achieve some peace of mind by helping them organize their lives" says Roger. "When we have so much stress coming from external sources, the home should be an escape. One of the keys to organizing your home is to create a place for IT, whatever IT might be. When you know where an object is instead of wondering where it might be, or when you have a place to put that pile of clean laundry instead of piling it on the couch, this peace of mind is much easier to maintain."

Dudley adds, "During the many decades I have worked on homes and with homeowners, I have experienced hardly anything more fulfilling and enjoyable than creating something for clients that noticeably WORKS. To see real functionality first-hand as a result of something I have built or installed is incredibly satisfying. And the organizational solutions we provide at Oklahoma Closets are more than just aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly - they WORK!"

Our partnership with ORG gives us the resources and materials to fulfill the unique needs of any client, but our strong personal commitments to complete client satisfaction make Oklahoma Closets the best choice to organize your life now.

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